Muhammad Arshad Majeed Malik

Founder. Advocate Supreme Court. LL.B. (Honours) London

Lawyer, Teacher, Speaker and a Great Friend, Arshad Majeed is no stranger to the public platform. He founded Arshad Law Associates (ALA) in 2005 and Arshad has earned international recognition as one of the top advocates in Pakistan, supporting his clients across the globe.

After earning his degree of Bachelor in Mathematics and Physics. Arshad got his law degree LL.B. from University of Punjab, Pakistan. Then he got his LL.B. degree from University of London and the Bar Professional Training course. He started his law practice by joining law firm Mansoor Law Associates, one of the most prominent law firms in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. He got his High Court practicing license in 2001. He worked at the firm as an associate from 1998 till 2005. Initially he took on cases that usually included a blend of Property, Rent, Constitutional and Taxation laws. From start, he got in habit to research intricate legal issues at length to discover a nuance that could benefit our client. Eventually, this exercise paid off and he was appointed to undertake the senior partner's case research on a daily basis.

Soon senior partner chose him to assist him before the Lahore High Court’s Divisional Bench Rawalpindi in Accountability cases. Research for such matters was extensive and tedious. He assisted his senior in high profile cases of Accountability Bureau against (former Prime Minister of Pakistan) Benazir Bhutto, (spouse of Prime Minister and later President of Pakistan) Asif Ali Zardari and (prominent businessman) Abdul Razaq Dauid of ARY Gold. During this time he had the opportunity to interact with renowned lawyer of Pakistan.

He widen his field of expertise and worked on applications for trademarks and copyrights. He also assisted the Director of Legal Research at AITD on a project relating to the impact of trade liberalization on the Telecoms and Cutlery sectors in Pakistan. He participated in number of workshops on WTO and Intellectual Property Rights.

He became the visiting lecturer at Rawalpindi Law College, where he is teaching U.K. Constitution and the American Constitution to first year students, and International Law to second year students. He formed a Young Lawyers Association for the legal aid of female and indigent prisoners. Many of his students joined the association. He personally conducted a number of criminal trials and bailed out a number of women who were behind the bar just because of their inability to procure legal assistance due to poverty.